Affiliate Website Translation

Affiliate Marketing is still heavily based upon creating great content that has relevance to the audience. Great content is a key component in generating more traffic to your affiliate website and we here at Translation100 can help you generate more income from your affiliate site by augmenting your content strategy. More eyeballs on your site often translates to an increased stream of revenue; let us help you broaden your audience by creating strong content that is well received by your intended audience for having that localized touch.

In the affiliate marketing world, the more accessed the website is, the higher the commission rate will be. A key ingredient is how accessible your website is, and whether it is attracting the right users, other than those who are English-speaking. Only 18% of the world’s total online traffic is English-speaking, so make a move to start capturing that other 82% by working with Translation100. An easy and simple way to widen your audience is by offering your site in as many languages as you desire.

This may look simple at the first glance, but if the translation feels forced or out of place it can actually drive away possible users. Mastering the language is not all it takes. Our translators are familiar with the local culture, allowing them to have a better understating of how to deliver the perfect message. This way your affiliate content is more likely to resonate with the user and make an impression, resulting in improved SEO rankings and driving greater volumes of quality traffic to your site. We know the business, so let us help you grow your business!


Don't wait for the right opportunity, create it.

George Bernard Shaw
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