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At Translation100, we understand the power and importance of blogs and newsfeeds. They play a critical role in the iGaming industry and are one of the most effective tools used to market areas of interest to users. Social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook have been excellent learning tools for those specializing in newsfeed and blog content; however, those skills have transcended directly to websites. The use of a newsfeed, when used in conjunction with cross-channelling campaigns is an effective tool to keep your users updated on new game releases, promotions or other areas of interest relevant to the experience you are providing.

There are a number of key elements in newsfeed and blog content that help the rate of success. When clients and potential clients are experiencing information overload, bombarded with a constant stream of information, standing out and making your feed effective can be a challenge, especially if doing so in a language you are not familiar with.

One of the first areas of importance is to make the message timely. It should be focused, concise and to the point. In doing so it respects the time of those reading it, but more importantly, makes the information contained within more relevant. Newsfeeds relating to iGaming should also be personal whenever possible by highlighting the name of the intended user. Studies have shown that by doing so, success rates are increased by over 27%. Another key part of newsfeeds and blogs is using them as a way to celebrate large wins, success stories or milestones such as progressive jackpot wins, promotional winners of contests and more. They should be time-sensitive allowing the user to read the information quickly.

Our translators are skilled in their understanding of this, and with dedicated social media, blog and newsfeed experts on staff, we are capable of not only assisting you with this side of your marketing goals but translate the content into a wide range of languages. To learn more about our newsfeed and blog services, fill out the form below, and someone will be in contact with you shortly.


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