Commercially Oriented Gaming Content

As the internet continues to develop and change with the times, commercially oriented gaming content is becoming even more relevant. It is an effective tool that reaches the masses, and as many of today’s internet users are experiencing busier lives, they prefer commercial content over print content when searching for new products or services that interest them.

The rapid expansion of people turning to commercially oriented gaming content as a marketing tool is increasing on a daily basis. While many are happy to sit back and work with non-commercial marketing, which is still effective, those that fail to begin to embrace the change towards commercial style content risk missing out on accessing a larger audience of prospective users.

At Translation100, we understand what is involved in commercially oriented content for the iGaming industry. We know it is a unique one that changes at a rapid pace and those that participate in online gaming activities are quick to lose interest and move on to the next “great thing”.

When meeting our client’s objectives, we focus on three main principles, firstly we focus on two-way commercial content to generate a higher rate of success and promote the user to interact with our client’s services. Secondly, we emphasize dynamic content, not static content with a focus toward generating conversation through user participation; and thirdly, the primary goal is to educate, not simply “sell,” as that creates a friendlier environment proven to increase success rates.

Ultimately, content is about educating the user with what you have to offer. Whether that is particular casino games, or software that is unique, or one that is more informational based, the basics never change – content is king, whether in text, video, commercial or otherwise.

We already know the iGaming industry is constantly focused towards innovation and player expectations. At Translation100, we can help you in your commercially oriented gaming content. Simply fill out the information request form below, and we will respond with additional information about our services.


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George Bernard Shaw
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