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Yes. You can find our free quote request from on every translation service page. Once you have submitted the form, you will be placed in priority sequence, and one of our qualified translation representatives will contact you shortly to discuss our services and your translations needs.


Once contacted, our representative will speak in detail with you about the content you need translated, and will thoroughly explain the process that is taken to ensure privacy and quality is maintained. They will further provide you with a number of different pricing options based on your needs.


If you elect to move forward with the services we offer, a firm schedule of completion will be provided along with a payment schedule. We further will provide signed documentation pertaining to our data privacy statement prior to the commencement of your translation project.

Translation100 can translate any content that is requested. However, we specialise towards the iGaming industry. This includes both iGaming development companies, iGaming operators, social gaming, blog content and provide services to iGaming affiliates.

We understand the complexities that make each part of the iGaming industry unique, and with that understanding, we have detailed knowledge from our extensive experience in this field to help you get the best results with your iGaming translation services. As this is our area of focus, the depth of our knowledge helps us to be better positioned to ensure the correct language is being conveyed in the specific language you want your content translated into.

We believe our services go hand in hand to help grow your business, and as we work on your project, we remain in close contact and work together to ensure your success is our success.

Our list of services is expensive and strongly focuses on translations for iGaming content. A sample of the services we offer includes affiliate website translation, social media translation, document translation, sports betting, casino, bingo, marketing translations.

While we have an emphasis towards the iGaming industry, we also accept clients outside of iGaming that need translation services. As we have a large translation staff, we are able to handle all localised content translations regardless of the industry.

A full list of our services can be found here.

Yes. Our translations are proofread by other language specialists to ensure that your translation is accurate and of high quality.

All services we provide come with a privacy guarantee. Our policy complies with data protection laws and protects the rights of our clients, partners and employees. We furthermore take proactive measures to ensure all data is stored offline.

Detailed information regarding our data privacy statement can be viewed here (https://translation100.com/data-privacy-statement/)

All our translators are native speakers from their specific countries and undergo extensive testing to ensure they possess the skills required to effectively translate the content they are assigned. Translators only work on translations that are specific to their language and do not undertake multi-language translations.

We select our translators based on linguistic and iGaming experience and knowledge experience and follow thorough testing procedures to test both skills of our translators. Regular quality checks are undertaken to ensure quality is at the forefront of all work completed.

Estimations and delivery times

Translation100 employs a network of skilled translators and is capable of adapting to the client’s needs. This is always at the forefront of what we do, and while we work diligently to work within budgets and offer fair pricing for our translation services, at times we cannot always meet budgetary requirements. When faced with those rare occasions, we do provide alternative solutions for client translation needs and work closely with our clients to ensure their objectives are met, both with translation expectations and in pricing.

Should you wish to discuss the flexibility of your project with one of our project managers, please contact us, and we will arrange a meeting time to discuss your requirements.

Fees and quality of service

Our fees are based on the size of the project and word count that is required. In order to provide you with an estimate for your source text, we will first have to have one of our translations specialists review it and determine the estimated cost.

While we strive to maintain costing as close to the amount estimated, it is important to recognise that translating English into other languages will often increase the word count and therefore the cost will increase. If working within tight budgets, our translators will closely monitor the on-going costs and keep you updated on current project costs to ensure we do not exceed your approved budgetary costs.

Yes. We can discuss pricing discounts based on the size of your project. We believe firmly in providing fair pricing on all projects, and those that require extensive content translations we are always open to discussing discounts before entering into contracts.

Our priority is customer satisfaction and understand that the price paid is part of that equation. At the time of project discussions, we will look extensively the amount of text required to be translated and work closely with you to provide you with the best possible price.

Yes. You always have the option to replace a source text. However, a charge might be applied for the text that has been already translated. While we may not wish to apply charges in this type of scenario, we must be cognitive of our costs relating to the translations services provided.

When selecting translators for projects we undergo a detailed analysis of the project and chose translators based on the subject matter to be translated, the language and skills of the translator qualified to undertake the translation requested.

This is procedure follows strict guidelines that we have in place to determine the appropriate person for the job. This pertains to their qualifications, knowledge and past translation projects they have completed in the past. We furthermore look closely at the interaction histories with past clients to ensure those we assign projects have the people skills to work effectively and efficiently with the client.

We assign translators by availability and try to choose them based on their knowledge and experience with the type of project you give us. In case you have a translator of choice, we can offer that.

Fees and quality of service

Localisation is related to more personalized and identity-driven content, this is a critical aspect of longevity in a marketplace packed with competition.
The benefits of identifying local user interest and how it pertains to the services you are offering in the iGaming industry will impact your results and will help to make your company visible to specific geographic areas. In other words, the more localised content you have on your website, the more chances you have to attract players from a specific country, province or state.

To know more about what we offer with our localisation service and how it can help you, you can visit our Localisation Service page

As we work with both small, medium and large companies, we are skilled with most formats. This includes Word, PDF, XML, PSD, and HTML. If requested, translated content can be provided in any of the mentioned formats or others that are used by our clients.

There are a number of ways that your completed translated content can be delivered. You can opt to receive it by e-mail or, for an additional costs, we can upload it to your online tool/archive. This option is cost effective and allows you to focus on brand building, and other business responsibilities relating your operation.

Yes. Prior to beginning your project, you will be requested to send all text that you want translated. This is ideal and more efficient than our translators going directly to your site and working page by page. This can be sent by email in any of the formats accepted including Word, PDF, XML, PSD, and HTML. To learn more about our translation services, you can visit our website translation page HERE.

Context is a very important as language can be interpreted in many different ways. This is especially the case when translating into other languages as slight variances often change the meaning of the words being used.

By employing native-speaking translators, we are able to eliminate that problem as each has intimate and extensive knowledge of the language they are translating into and understands those subtleties that other translators fail to pick up.


At the current moment, we accept bank wire payments or payment by PayPal. In the near future, we will look to expand the methods of payment offered based on client requests and feedback. All payment fees are the responsibility of the client and will be added to the total of the invoice.

New clients will be requested to make a partial payment upfront equal to 25% of the estimated total cost for your translation project. Once an established relationship is in place, future projects will be expected upon project completion. For more information on our fees and payment schedules for larger projects, please use the CONTACT US form, and one of our project managers will be in touch.


Currently, we are capable of offering translation services in over 40 languages. Should we not offer a language you are interested in having your content translated into, we will undertake the appropriate measures to find translators who are capable of meeting your needs.

For a complete list of the languages we offer, please use our Contact Us form to learn more.

The source text is the language your original page content was created with. All translations will be completed directly from this source unless advised otherwise by the client. Should changes be requested, or updated content requested, this will be the responsibility of the client to provide in advance.

The target text is the language you are requesting your original content be translated into. All translations are based on the source code received.

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