Gaming translation

The world of iGaming is in constant and rapid growth, pushing companies to stay on top of their game in order to maximize profits. Games (often an addition to Sports Betting) have started attracting an increased number of players, providing entertainment that is available 24/7.

Translation100 can help you improve the content of your platform by building great content or translating your existing content. Many betting platforms have made the move to introduce casino games to their platform as a complimentary service offering, but this in no way has less value to the player. And just like the pay-for-play services your platform offers, the utmost attention to detail must still be rigidly applied when creating what your users see or experience. Going multilingual gives your company a distinct advantage over its competitors, and at the same time helps your brand appeal to a broader market segment. This helps you increase your exposure and reduces your risk by generating a larger potential user base.

We know how important games are for iGaming businesses and there are many types of games offered depending on the overall strategy of your brand. To show our dedication to your project, if our translator isn’t already experienced in the nuances of a particular game you offer, we will train them on the finer details of your brand’s voice, identity, and the details of the games you offer. It’s important to know the vocabulary and rules of the games so that the translation is well-suited to meet the requirements of your audience.

Some of the popular iGaming (games) translations that we currently provide include the following:

  • Online Bingo
  • Online Poker
  • Online Table Games
  • Online Casino Games
  • Online Slots and Slots Tournaments

The above list is only a small sample of the gaming translations we offer here at Translation100. Reach out to us and learn more about how we can help you improve the visibility of your games in the markets you want to compete in!


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