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The world of iGaming is one that has seen exponential growth since its beginnings in the mid-90’s, and that growth continues with no end in sight. As more companies enter the digital world and begin to create gaming content for online casino operators, the need for effective and accurate translation services is even more prevalent than it was a decade ago.

While many casinos focus on smaller markets that are more language specific, others prefer to cater to a broader customer base by marketing their gaming products in multiple countries. This is where effective and correct translations make the difference. Those who fail to use quality translation services will fail in their attempts to reach their intended audience as their site will come across as ad-hoc and unprofessional. Even worse, there could be cultural misunderstandings and a resulting backlash.

While it is true that many people speak, read or understand the English language, it is also true that there are unique characteristics of the English that non-native speakers find confusing. It has been shown that learning English fluently is difficult to master, and for internationally focused companies in the iGaming industry, this fact only amplifies the importance of producing a language-specific site for those countries they wish to have a market share in.

In the year 2009, iGaming revenues were 20.51 billion USD, and by 2015, that number rose to 37.91 billion USD. It is estimated that by the year 2018 that global iGaming revenues will fall just short of 60 billion USD! This fact alone demands attention, because with that growth comes potential to gain market share. Those businesses who make concessions to ensure they meet the needs to a global customer base are those who will benefit the most.

The landscape of the iGaming industry is changing, and key players are taking root in their markets as they work towards increasing their market share through acquisitions of other businesses as well as through affiliate websites. This is only expected to continue as new casinos enter the market and focus on certain language-based countries.

Those in the iGaming industry understand the current climate and the importance of remaining competitive and relevant. Unfortunately, many businesses in the industry have fallen to the wayside due to becoming complacent and not staying on top of the rapid changes. However, with the right translation partnerships, such as those we offer at Translation100, you will have the unique ability to work closely with trained professional translators who work together with you to achieve your market objectives.

They will assist you in performing translations that will help you convert players and increase your share of the predicted revenues in iGaming as we approach 2020. Our trained iGaming translators understand the importance of this and also understand the importance of correct translations in reaching targeted growth objectives. Should you require additional information, simply fill out the contact request form below. One of our associate translators will be in touch to discuss your iGaming translation needs in more detail and to provide you with an affordable quote.


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