Mobile Game Translation

The mobile gaming market is relatively new if compared to “traditional” desktop online gambling. However, the mobile gaming segment with online casinos has continued to be a driving force for online casinos, and now represents over 60% of most online casino business. Those that fail to recognise this or cater to it will fail to gain market share, and many will simply fall by the wayside as other more proactive casinos leave them behind.

The rapid uptake of mobile app software began that trend, and while these apps still have their place with mobile users, the majority prefer to access online casinos using a mobile browser, as it does not use up space on their smartphones or tablets and is simply more convenient than installing a separate app for each service used. The growth in software development companies has also been responsible for this growth as new games are released onto the market. While there are mobile games that come and go, there are others that stand out and remain relevant for longer periods of time.

One way to gain an advantage in this constantly changing market is by targeting a wider audience. What better way to do this than by delivering mobile games to your users in an appealing and familiar language? Studies have shown that those that have translated their content using local content specialists, such as those employed by Translation100, creates an environment that is welcoming and affords the user the feeling that they are playing with localised casinos, resulting in a higher level of user loyalty.

Here at Translation100, we provide this by offering you a wide range of languages for your game descriptions or to translate your entire site into.
We understand the power that mobile games have to reach your audience, and we understand the importance of translating your text accurately. Attracting users is not only about having attractive visuals, having the correct high-grade translations in place is paramount to having users feel welcome and comfortable. Another advantage of having your mobile game translated into other languages is the localised content on Google and Apple app stores. This is critically important as they prioritize content from the region of the respective user. Diversifying your mobile game content for different regions will result in an increased base of users.

As you begin the process of translation, you will work closely with our team of dedicated specialists to convey exactly what and how content is to be presented. This often is identical to the content you have in place in your native casino language but translated into the language(s) you are choosing to expand to.

We understand that this is a process of learning for some, and it is important to us that we provide you with peace of mind and efficient services. When you are ready to move forward, please request a quote from us using the form below. One of our management representatives will be in contact with you shortly and arrange a time to discuss your needs further.


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