Newsletter Translation

Newsletters are a great way of keeping users interested in your business and assuring that they will return to your website. The issue with newsletters is that if your newsletter is only offered in a language that is not native to them, it’s less likely that they will read the entirety of the communication. The percentage of newsletters that are disregarded by non-English users that are not translated correctly (or at all) is incredibly high; and understandably so, as why would someone take time from their day to try to decipher what message is being relayed in a newsletter?

Newsletters are important for most business. This is especially important in today’s business environment as so many turn to the internet for their shopping, entertainment, local and international news as well as gaming activities. If you are in the business of selling a product, doing so in only one single language defeats the efforts that have gone into the newsletter creation.

Today’s marketplace is global, and catering to that global audience is paramount to your successful internet presence, whether it is your main website, newsletter, social media accounts or video content. Just because you are based in an English-speaking country does not mean your customers are, so why exclude them by not translating into the languages your users speak?

The advantage of delivering your newsletters in multiple languages is that they present the user with information that is in their native language. More importantly, it provides those users accurate information. The result is that the percentage of views increases, and ultimately, so too does the success of each newsletter, especially if sales-related!

At Translation100, we understand the importance of this side of your business. We have the skills you need to ensure your newsletters are effective and properly translated so that your customers, both current and future, are able to view your newsletter content in their native language. We deliver high-quality professional translations and are happy to provide a no-obligation quote, whether for a one-time order or one that is on-going. Simply fill out the information below, and someone from our team will be in contact with you shortly.


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