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There is little argument that gambling has always been a flourishing business that attracts people from all walks of life, regardless of their social status, or whether they are casual gamblers or high rollers. Advancements that have taken place over the last decade on the internet have resulted in gambling companies taking advantage of increased opportunities, and maximising revenue potential. This has all been a direct result in the ability to reach an increased number of customers more easily.

However, as the market has grown, and new markets have emerged, it has meant that in order to cater to the demographics of these emerging customer bases, translating the services provided has been critical. Without accurate and proper translation, the customers a business might wish to attract would not be able to understand the services being offered and would move on.

Where this importance has the most relevance is the terminologies that are unique to each language. This is why translators employed by Translation100 are carefully screened to ensure only native-speaking translators are chosen.

Our translators are experienced in their understanding of the language and understand how to correctly convey the message that of the text being translated. They have the capability of adapting those correctly to help increase your profits and ultimately, drive your success. This has a substantial amount of importance as it helps to put the user at ease, make them comfortable and more likely to register and place a bet.

While many associate online betting being related mainly to casinos games, we understand that the identification on “online betting” is a broad term that encompasses many different betting styles. Whether you are an online casino operator, sports betting operator, bingo or poker site, our skilled and dedicated staff understand the uniqueness each provides.

We have extensive knowledge of the correct terminology and how it relates to each language. While there are many commonalities with the language of betting, there are others that are unique to each language and knowing when to use them correctly and convey the correct information is key to long-term success and player acquisition.

Our services are not limited to one area and can provide translation services towards a wide variety of different areas. These include game descriptions, promotional and marketing material translations and other areas of communication. Translation100 is pleased to offer detailed quotes and analysis of the content you need translated and will provide you with pricing based on onetime translation services or creating a customised translation service to accommodate your ongoing needs.

You can contact one of our professional staff members using the submission form below for a free quote on our services. One of our professional staff members will respond with detailed information promptly, and if requested, arrange for one of our translation experts to contact you at an agreed upon time.


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