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Purchase of lotteries tickets is one that many people enjoy globally, giving them a sense of hope that winning would allow them the opportunity experience wealth beyond their imagination. Like any other form of betting or gambling, lotteries, or the purchasing of lottery tickets online has slowly but steadily made its way online. Online lotteries have seen user purchases increase exponentially in recent years as has the ability to purchase tickets for lotteries in other countries. Because online lottery tickets are not always purchased locally, some customers will not be fluent in English and therefore will not feel comfortable purchasing tickets outside of their native language.

While lottery sales, in comparison to other forms of gambling online such as traditional casino games, sports betting or poker is less, they are equal in importance when it comes to translation. This is especially important when you compare sales statistics and growth patterns representing a trend showing that as the world becomes increasingly busy and places more demand on people’s time, the dream of winning the lottery seems more and more important than it did when people felt more comfortable with what their future held.

The translation of your lottery site is paramount to attracting a global audience, and while many sites are catering to this segment of online betting, the majority are localised and fail to look beyond their initial geographical focus, thereby limiting the ability to grow and remain relevant beyond their key target markets.

However, with the translation of your site using the services offered by Translation100, you will be able to reach a larger market and ultimately grow your lottery business by attracting new markets and customers. The value of that is evident as those who wish to purchase lottery tickets online will only do so if they are confident that they understand the website that they are visiting. Having a site in the user’s native language is key for success. As many of the prizes that lotteries generate are substantial, if not life changing, it is important that those purchasing tickets have the ability to read the rules and regulations relating to winning the lottery, how they can claim winnings, and just as importantly, how to appropriately enter your lottery.

As with the other translation services we provide, Translation100 can assist you with your online lottery translation needs. We employ translators in a wide range of languages and dialects to ensure your translation needs are met.

Should you wish to receive a quote for the services we provide, a convenient request form is located below. Please fill it out, and we will respond with a list of our services and arrange a time to discuss your translation needs.


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