Online Media Translation

Online media is the fastest way to distribute advertising content to increase growth in your company’s user base. Articles, advertisements and videos are a great marketing strategy when combined with the exposure online media offers.

As the algorithms used by search engines mature, localised content is becoming more relevant, and those who fail to identify this often find growth patterns shrinking. What this means to your business online is that, based on the region of the user, relevant content in the native language of those users has a higher priority in search results and placement of advertisements. In light of this, it is plain to see that presenting your media advertisements in more than one language is advantageous to your business when it comes to reaching an expanded audience.

This same relevance is seen with social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Our translation staff understand the power of social media and are ready to work closely with you to translate your advertisements with short turnaround times. We are able to offer advice when you wish to reach age, gender or other specific audiences, and we have the experience needed to stay abreast of social changes and understand how they relate to marketing and social media.

The same applies to video content sharing sites such as YouTube. This is another area that is critically important to stay on top of and have accurate videos that not only relay your message and content, but do so in a language that is specialised and targeted towards certain geographical regions. The reality is, if your content is targeted towards one language only, it will not be presented to other-language users and this limits the size of your audience, impacting business growth in the process.

Translation100 will not only translate your source material but adapt it to fit the targeted audience based on its location. We offer reliable and high-quality online media translation services and use proven reliable translators who work hand-in-hand with project managers to ensure the needs of our clients are met.

As your business grows, we work closely with you to help continue your growth. Our translation team has the ability to help with your media content translation on a project-by-project basis or an on-going basis to ensure your needs are met. You may speak with one of our representatives to request a free quote by submitting the form below. You will be contacted shortly by a management representative who will work closely with you to understand your needs and present you with an affordable solution for the translation services required.


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