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Online Poker has become a phenomenon which attracts all levels of interest, from those who are casual players to those who play professionally. There is little argument that online poker is a huge market that spans global interest, no matter where one may reside. The thrill of mastering the game and understanding the odds is part of its attraction, but make no mistake, while the basics of poker are easy to understand, perfecting them is not.

There is, of course, terminology in poker that is universally understood, such as the basic actions of call, hold, and hit. However, understanding all language and terms associated with the specific rules of various styles or games of poker can be more nuanced or tricky when English is not your first language, and especially when online games move so much more quickly than traditional, inhouse games. These terms, and the speed at which they are used, can be discouraging to those who have learned the game in their native language and want to move into the world of online poker.

The translation of poker into other languages allows you access to untapped or unsaturated markets, to access players who not only have an interest in the game of poker, whether new to the game or experienced, but also those who prefer to play online or simply do not have local access to a casino or poker room. The reality is, more countries means more players and the only way to accomplish that is to translate into the languages of those players. This allows for increased quality of play and separates run-of-the-mill poker rooms to one that is seen as professional, with the game selection and player skills that put it on par with the best poker rooms in the world. A thrilling prospect for a dedicated poker player.

When you consider the volume of interest poker generates, and the number of people who choose to turn to the internet to practise their poker skills, it does not take much to understand that by appealing to a broader spectrum of players you will drive profits and sponsorship from professional players.

Through the translation of your poker site, you will appeal to those countries that may not be aware of your brand or may not feel comfortable due to lack of English, and therefore their comfort and confidence.

Our translation experts understand what is needed to translate your content in a natural way, making your customer’s feel comfortable and interested in your poker room. They are skilled in the language of poker and are familiar with the game and the terminology; they will effectively convey the uniqueness of what your poker room gives them as poker players. Should you wish to receive a quote for the translation of your online poker site or room, simply complete the contact request form below, and one of our translation experts will be in touch to discuss your needs in greater detail and provide you translation pricing options.


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