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The rise and redefinition of social platforms such as Facebook has seen social games rise in presence and popularity on social media sites. Considering the large number of people who visit Facebook on a daily basis, social games are a great choice for them to take a few moments to relax, complete challenges or challenge friends. The reality of using Facebook for social gaming is one where all languages are relevant and translating applications into their native language gives users a sense of continuity that makes them more prone to return and play the game on a frequent, if not daily basis.

As social games have gained traction on Facebook, they have become a market in their own right. As a consequence, those marketing games on social media sites have realized that there is a substantial international user base and as a result, have begun to translate their games in as many languages as possible.

One has to remember, the keyword of these games is “social,” and their purpose is to connect people regardless of their country or spoken language. What better way to expand your player base than translating your gaming content to suit people from different countries?

When we think of social games, we want to give users the same experience regardless of their spoken language. Often translations for games are done quickly by inexperienced translators that fail to understand the importance of proper grammar or of delivering a high-quality and accurate translation.

Translations that are poorly done give the user a feeling of artificiality and generates an overall disconnect to the game. This can potentially impact the products that the company may release in the future.

We want your players to play your games in their language and presenting them with an accurate translation helps to make them feel the game was made for them, versus one that was roughly translated without respect for the player or attention to detail. To accomplish this mission, we select our team members based not only on their translation skills but also based on their knowledge of the domain they are going to translate for. We offer top quality services for social translation games and ultimately, help you grow your business in the process by helping you create a friendly environment for all those who play and enjoy your social game content.

When you consider the sheer number of countries connected online, and the unique characteristics that make up their culture and language, it’s plain to see that natural and accurate translations are an important aspect of your business growth on social networks. As you generate traffic from those geographical areas, those who access your games will naturally feel welcome and will help your users to identify games as created for them, if even indirectly.

Google is constantly checking web content, including content created for games and ranks it based on the quality of translation that is used. The algorithms are far more advanced than they were previously, and second-rate translations can result in those games being ranked below those that took time to accurately translate using native speaking translators who understand the subtleties that make their language unique.

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