Social Media translation

It’s common knowledge that in today’s world almost everyone is connected to some form of social media, in one way or another. Be it through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or many other platforms like these, people from all over the world are in constant connection with one another. That’s why social media represents a huge opportunity for your iGaming website to reach people worldwide in an instant. Translation100 can help you make a good impression and prevent you from making a lasting one that might not be so positive.

Even though English is the “unofficial” language of the internet and is spoken by a massive amount of its users, many people respond more positively to content provided to them in their native language. A post on social media will be more likely to catch the attention of a user when it’s presented in their native language. The message of an advertisement or a post can lose its meaning to someone whose grasp of English comprehension is lesser than that of their native tongue.

Here at Translation100 we offer you the possibility to reach more markets with relevant and locally appealing content by having our translators provide you with high quality translations for your social media posts. We make it our mission to come up with the best translations to resonate with your audience and tell them that you care about appealing at a local level, not just with a loosely translated piece, where the meaning might quite literally be “lost in translation”. We can help you avoid the pitfalls of poor translations by assigning people who are familiar with your market and your product, and the ways in which it will be perceived based on the social media medium being used.

Localisation goes hand in hand with social media.
The localisation of content provides a user with post recommendations in their native language first. By having your social media cover different languages we will give your company a higher chance of attracting new customers based on their region. A message that is relevant to someone in the UK will be completely lost if not translated correctly for an audience in Spain or vice versa.

Hiring our social media translation service will help your company get more exposure by breaking the language barrier which can negatively impact so many companies who are not effectively translating their content to match the user expectations of relevance and value.


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