Sports betting translation

Sports betting is one of the most popular forms of betting online. This is especially so in Europe where passion for sports is an ingrained part of the culture. It is also one of the areas where there are many different languages and dialects, that can impact the legitimacy and quality of the translated text.

Europe is a great opportunity for any company that is looking to increase their profits by accessing a broader range of users. As competition is always a factor, it is imperative to effectively communicate the advantage you offer over your competitors, whether that is through better odds, increased promotions, a larger selection of sports to place bets on, or any other unique quality that you provide. Conveying that in the native language of the users is a critical part of the overall success of your marketing plan.

There are many companies that cater to this side of online betting who have not been successful because they failed to recognise the importance of providing content that feels local to the user, or they simply chose to use translation services that are not native or natural sounding and failed to communicate their message with their targeted audience effectively.

When you consider that the world of sports betting covers such a vast variety of sports, it is imperative that the terminology is correctly translated. This is not an easy task for a typical translator as often they translate into multiple languages. While their translations are good, they often miss the mark in areas of correct or natural terminology, and with such an educated marketplace, that can be enough to steer users away, and towards the competition.

Translation100’s translators only translate into one native-level language. All our translators have detailed understanding of the markets and sports they are translating, and they understand the terminology in detail. When you consider the dedication and passion of sports fans, you must have deep knowledge of the teams you are presenting to your users, and be mindful that your audience knows a great deal of information on the teams they support; therefore correct translations take on an even greater value.

The last thing you want to do is confuse your user base with incorrect language translations. With that in mind, Translation100 undertakes extensive reviews of our translator’s portfolio and crosscheck their work to ensure our clients receive accurate and true translations. If you would like a quote on out sports betting translation services, simply fill out the form below, and we will be in contact with you shortly to learn more about your needs and provide you with affordable pricing options.


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