Website Translation

When you look at the environment of today, and the digitalization of almost all business, websites have become a standard expectation of most people who either are interested in the services your business offers, manufactures, sells or caters towards. It is not unreasonable to suggest your website can be seen as the face of the company and how people would identify its value or the value of what is being sold.

The way a website is presented can be the defining factor between you converting customers or seeing them move on to your competition. It is imperative in today’s world that your site caters to the internet savvy by providing an attractive website. It must be easily navigated with relevant information to the product or service, but also one that does not simply rely on “automated translation software” that almost always fails to translate into a language that is natural for those viewing it.

Failing to take this into consideration in today’s climate limits your conversion rates and ultimately your success in new markets. You may already be competing in with other companies that have already undertaken providing accurate translations, and you don’t want to lose valuable customers to them over something as easily remedied as providing accurate translations in your target audience’s language.

Multilingual Support

The key to multilingual support is to open doors, and this is a key aspect to attracting broader audiences. In many cases, the ability to open and attract those audiences cannot be achieved without it. When you present your website in the native tongue of your user, you offer them a sense of familiarity, and that makes the difference.

New and emerging markets are becoming a bigger and bigger part of the online consumer network of users, and having a presence in the online marketplace with a single language website can ultimately hurt your business, and limit your potential. While the English language is one that is universally known by a large demographic in the world, there are many that are unable to understand it deeply; and not being re-directed to a webpage written in their native tongue means they are likely to become discouraged and will move on with their search. While they can use a generic translation service such as

Google Translate to read the information you present, this only applies to text and not video or image content. In addition, Google Translate is more robotic with their translations, and cannot offer the same level of translation as one done by a human who understands context and delivery.

At Translation100 we offer high-quality website translations. Our professional translators will make sure that the content of your website is conveyed in any language you choose with the utmost care. The services we provide are accurate and translated by native-speakers, and that will improve how your site is viewed and rated by potential customers.

When you are ready to move forward with your translation needs, or simply wish to understand the costs, fill in the form below and one of our translation specialists will get in touch and provide you with a quote. We offer one-time translations services, or on-going services, large or small.


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